FS-200 is a cement based, fiberglass reinforced, concentrated stucco to be used with metal, fabric lath in One Coat, or traditional Scratch & Brown Coat stucco systems.


Ensure surface is clean and free from all loose debris. Prepare the surface with the appropiate weather resistant barrier and carefully install lath as per manufaturer's instructions, correcting any bulging or irregularities in lath prior to application. Follow mixing instructions as they appear on the bag, adding equal parts dry plaster sand. Prepare only enough material that can be applied within the hour. Apply using a trowel (or approved pumping system) to desired thickness. Screed the stucco flat, let stand until visible moisture has escaped, then float the surface smooth.


80 lb. (36.3 kg) bag

Shelf Life

12 months if properly stored.


Store in a cool, dry area above ground. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures surpassing 100°F (38°C)


1/2" Thickness 50-65ft²/bag

3/4" Thickness 35-45ft²/bag